Is it a good idea to keep rcs with ghost shrimp? I'm trying to start a breeding colony and i though a tank of all cherries would be boring, but now I'm reading that ghost shrimp eat rcs babies. Should i move them?

There isn’t a species of freshwater shrimp that eat one another while living. The cases you read over the internet are people finding their shrimp devouring one by either: a very sick (brink of death) or dead shrimp. I personally house Amano Shrimp with RCS and never once seen them eat a fry.

The only minor problem would be a little bullying once in awhile if you feed them with a dish. (Amano Shrimp are 5x the size of RCS, glass are about 2-3x)

People jump to conclusions with what they “see” - shrimp fry die all the time, typically a 10-20% kill off from fry to adult. So when hobbyist sees a RCS chowing down on another shrimp carcass, they instinctively think it was killed by another shrimp. Where-as it might of died from starvation, failure to molt, disease, bad conditions, act of god, etc etc. 

Well why do shrimp eat their dead relatives? Well to get valuable minerals. They are a scavenging species - they will molt then eat their own exoskeleton to retain as much nutrients as possible. So for them to eat their own kind, it’s not uncommon. Where a shrimp carcass can dissolve within the water in less than 48 hours (with nothing eating it).

So to rap it up, don’t worry about interspecies of shrimp. Clean-up crews in varieties are nice. They typically pair themselves off as well, which is very interesting to watch.


Favourites: tank by Ricky

This is the most healthy staurogyne I’ve ever seen! Find more information and pictures in his journal here.

The incline slope is so subtle but really makes this tank. hopefully the aquascaper used some tricks to save on aquasoil filler because that’s ALOT! 

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The Harlequin Shrimp is from Sulawesi, Indonesia and has inimitable coloration and marking. It is the smallest of all of the newly discovered Sulawesi Shrimp. Learn more about The Harlequin Shrimp

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Fluval Spec by /u/vitaminDru on Reddit

Wow, awesome job on this spec. Definitely going to be a shrimp utopia when it’s all carpeted 

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Blue Pearl ~by susanne.lajcsak on Flickr



I do not know the designer of this tank, but it’s beautiful.


Natural sand is becoming a popular trend in the aquascaping world. I wish I knew the aquascaper but i’ll keep my eye’s out for finding the source.

Foreground: S. Repens

Hardscape: hornwood (it seems like)


Kingyo —-Goldfish—- by Teruhide Tomori on Flickr.

Those are some bright red fish there! simply beautiful

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Unzan Stones are also typically column stones, creating pillars like mountains within your aquascape. They will tower over your aquascape like skyscrapers in a city! Learn more…
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Favourites: minimal tank by Udo Semel

Very original style. Reblog if you like it!